Helping You Use Social Media to Grow Your B2B Business.

Social Media has changed the buying process within the marketplace. Buyers spend the majority of their time on social media. This gives them the tools they need to go on a self-guiding tour through the process. More than 75% of consumers have completed their purchasing process before a sales representative even has the opportunity to speak with them. Buyers are more sophisticated and well-informed than ever before. The 7 Steps to Successful Social Selling Video Series is Vende Social's answer to interacting with the well-informed consumer. Allowing you to be able to match your expertise to their knowledge.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Social Selling Basics

    • Social Selling 101 – why you need it and how to get the most out of social selling

  • 2

    Keys to Successful Social Selling

    • Best Practices – Does and Don’ts of social selling

  • 3

    Finding Your Audience

    • LinkedIn Tour and Profile Optimization

  • 4

    Facebook Business Page Overview and Insights

    • Facebook Tour (business page insights) and Best Practices

  • 5

    Engaging in Social Media

    • Social Selling Rules of Engagement – How to build community, when how to engage with others, etc.

  • 6

    Identifying Social Media Leads and Conversions

    • Generating Social Media Leads and Conversions

    • Generating Social Media Leads and Conversions

  • 7

    Social Selling for 15 Minutes a Day

    • Social Selling in 15 minutes/day